Neo Dia

Rebecca Chua and Gavin Lowes share the ultimate design chemistry brewing up quietly momentous designs that have had their label described as ‘ a new day in Australian fashion’ by Italian Vogue.

Each garment carries the duos design principles of architectural
folds and slick lines with a strong underlying ‘sensuality’ pervading though out their collections.

Chua and Lowes met at Melbourne’s famous design institution RMIT and completed fashion together. With experience in iconic fashion houses on graduation and the great technical skill they have acquired just add a fresh whipped layer of design flair over the top, and shazzaaam! Neo Dia we are enthralled.

Come and slip on one of their deluxe pieces and be inspired!

AS we eagerly await their new season, we have some of their elegant designs on sale.

Minos interviews Emina Dzananovic the creative director of OKOK and Solitaire coats.

OKOK is a Melbourne based label under the creative direction of Emina Dzananovic. Currently producing fabulous hosiery, this range has emerged with a strong focus on bold design, texture and luminous colour.

With a hands-on approach to every aspect of the range, Emina has produced wonderful results by experimenting with what is possible in the relationship between the manufacturer and designer, as well as using techniques, such as tie-dying, that she can do in her own studio.

Working with local manufacturers allows communication to occur and creative relationships to develop. Manufacturers often have a background in fashion and the skills to produce refined and well finished garments, working from blocks and having access to pattern makers who can grade and refine patterns on site. By creating these relationships the designer can engage with specialised industries, such as hosiery design or tailored garments and form a link between innovation and an older skills set.

LUPA Customer Sally Limpyer

With a background in fashion design, Emina has resurrected ‘dead stock’ from a factory in Brunswick – beautiful winter coats produced under the manufacturers label ‘Solitaire’. Specialising in uniforms, blazers and suiting, this garment factory also has produced a fashion range for 40 years. Made from vintage wool blends, these coats exemplify the quality and fit of garments made by the makers. Every detail, from the buttons, buckles and lining fabric express the finish of garments made by people who have mastered the art of tailoring.

Next winter Emina will collaborate with the manufacturer to produce a range of coats for men and women, wearable classics infused with her own contemporary take illustrating what is possible when a dialogue is opened between contemporary design and classic tailoring.

‘Solitaire’ coats are currently available at LUPA on High St, Northcote and Smith St, Fitzroy. Receive a pair of black OKOK tights with every purchase while supplies last.

Made in Melbourne

Minos drill classic cotton skirt in bone $150
Paired with a Temps Perdu square cotton jumper $99
Earrings by Ellinor Mazza Forged triangle in sterling silver $77